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Of course you can book with us worry-free (COVID -19) If legal regulations result in the borders being closed again and, for this reason, appointments from our program cannot be carried out, we will cancel the trips and refund the deposit or total payments, or optionally offer a rebooking for a later date or on one other place.

DATES & PRICES 2020/2021

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Read about the different ski experiences below and click on the picture to find out more.


All Levels  

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier you will find something suitable in our classic and most popular Powder & Freeride Courses that we offer all along the best spots in the Alps. In these courses we focus on the patented Garhammer (“ABS”) skiing technique and make sure you get the right inputs to become a more accomplished skier as well as some extraordinary experiences along the way.



Advanced Skiers

A couple of our tailor made offers for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary. Including exclusive trips & courses to some of our favorite and most exotic locations. Exclusive trips with high end accommodation or maybe simple relaxation in a Norwegian Fjord? We have done our best to customize the best trip possible for you, always with the best possible skiing and guiding included, off course.


Advanced skiers

Discover the ultimate deep powder snow experience with us: endless untouched slopes in a beautiful winter scenery. Amazing powder snow. A calm silence and a serene feeling of joy. We take you to some of the world’s best powder snow regions such as Kamtchatka, Caucasus & Canada where you can discover the fascination of unlimited deep powder skiing with the help of professional guides.


All Levels

Never before has ski touring been so popular. Gorgeous routes, climbs through scenic winter landscapes and sensational deep powder skiing awaits you. Our program has been designed so that everyone – from beginner to touring expert – gets the best out of it. Join us in the first class ski touring regions of the Alps as well as Norway (Lofoten) and Sweden (Åre). With us, ski touring will become the ultimate enjoyment and you will ask yourself why you have not signed up sooner!

317132_206569606077926_1182566951_nLADIES POWDER SPECIALS

We also offer women only courses. The “ABS technique” suits especially women,  because it emphasizes natural moves and motions and thus allows women to ski comfortably – unlike with your “conventional” skiing techniques which emphasize on “putting pressure”, “putting your weight onto…”, “edge control”, “up/down”, “using poles” and so on. Deep powder snow skiing can be easier and safer than skiing on pistes! 


All Levels

Children enjoy our deep powder snow courses immensely. After only a few cautious turns in easy terrain they are in their element. By using the “ABS- technique”, they quickly feel confident on their skis and playfully and effortlessly ski through powder snow. The underlying reason for this is that the “ABS-technique” feels completely natural to them. These courses are ideal for children between 6 and 14 years. If you are older than 14 you can book our regular courses.


In these courses you get an intensive training with the top Garhammer coaches. It offers the ultimate deep powder snow experience. You are taught on a one to one basis or, if preferred, in a small group ensuring that you will improve your skills very quickly. You also get video taped and the videos will be personally analyzed during lunch or in the evening. This is the ultimate way to get your skills approved in a fast and joyful way.

296394_201566319911588_846475973_nTAILOR-MADE PACKAGES FOR COMPANIES & GROUPS

Why don’t you experience your next incentive event on a mountain top? We offer tailor-made conference and incentive travel packages for companies and groups. Alpine hut or high end wellness hotel. Powder snow weekend or heli skiing. Let us make your next group trip an extra special one that you will not forget!


If you are a member in the DSV Activ Club you will get 5 % discount on all the ABS-Off-Piste Courses ( not ski touring, freeride camps, heliskiing, Hotel, Liftticket, Transport, etc…). To become a member follow the link to read more: DSV Active membership form 

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