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As the most important safety measure we concentrate upon the improvement of the ski technique. Up to 80% of the accidents/off slope with serious results are based on falls, which are the result of bad skiing technique. Almost the whole rest, just in avalanche accidents, is based on tactical failure and their causes/results. Also here the bad skiing technique is very often the real cause (f.e. not enough distance within the group etc.)


Then the result of such accidents are suitable necessary rescue situations which must be also controlled of course and therefore be coached accordingly. One may not mix up only the order. Primarily most important is the avoiding of accidents /falls by training the correct skiing technique . A principle is what we call “falling is prohibited”. “Ha, ha”… one very often hears there of course. Looking at the fact that most oft he alpine accidents, also especially the tragic ones , e.g. with hiking, occure with banal falls, an “aha” is attached!


Even though for emergency case…

Obligatorily for all our clients:

The suitable equipment can be lent with us against a fee:


Before skiing an instruction in the use of the the transceiver takes place: The most important: The device must be on and be carried near to the body.


ABSAvalanche Airbag System

Urgently we also recommend the ABS-avalanche air bag. For all freeride-dates the ABS-avalanche air bag (or similar) is also obligatorily.

ORTOVOX Avalanche courses

For training/accident situations off piste (intensive training search with evalanche transceivers, avalanche assessment etc.), we recommend the special courses of our partner for safty, ORTOVOX/AVALANCHE COURSES