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We are a devoted team of professionals, dedicating every second of our work day to perfection

Meet the team


Ernst Garhammer - Powder Guru & Founder

ernst_garhammer The German Ski Association’s magazine “DSV aktiv, Ski & Sportmagazin” called Ernst “THE deep powder snow guru and mogul pope“. He and his brother Fuzzy were the pioneers of the freestyle skiing and stunt skiing boom in the 70s and 80s. Since he was a kid, always skiing on side of the slope, you will seldomly find someone who is more experienced and in his element than Ernst, when he skis with you in the powder off piste. He is also a State Certified Skiing Instructor and a Trained Mountain Guide as well as a Member of the German Ski Intructors Association (“DSLV”).

Alpine School - Heinrich (Fuzzy) Garhammer

FuzzyGarhammer_1Mountain Guide and Ski instructor

Sandra Garhammer - Powder Fox & Booking Boss

Sandra has an excellent and long-experienced background in travel and therefore manages everything around your bookings. She will be happy to answer all your questions around your planned course or trip.  She is not only a very elegant powder skier, but also a highly desired coach for private skiing lessons (personal coaching).

Sebastian Garhammer - Freeride Guru - Freeride Baws

SebastianAnother wild one of the famous Garhammer skiing family. Sebastian is one of the pioneers in the freeride scene and has produced and starred in numerous breathtaking free ski/freeride movies. Sebastian Garhammer is in charge of our freeride and freeski courses. With his lifelong skiing experience he has handpicked the best people and spots existing for freeriding. Most part of the year he lives in the Swedish skiing mecca Åre.

The Garhammer Coaches


All Garhammer coaches are excellent and experienced skiers and freeriders. They undergo intense and regular training with Ernst Garhammer himself to be able to teach deep powder snow courses. It is their passion for deep powder skiing that makes them so special. They have regular jobs in serious professions and work as doctors, civil servants, tradesmen, entrepreneurs, lawyers etc. That means they do not teach our courses because they have to, but because they love deep powder skiing. This is something you will surely notice from the beginning until the end of your course!

Garhammer Freeski Coaches & Guides

The Garhammer freeski coaches & guides are a selected group of individuals who have one thing in common: their passion for skiing and the love for sharing it with others. Since we offer all kinds of ski courses, from more or less beginners to advanced skiers, our freeski coaches and guides – who have been handpicked by Sebastian Garhammer – take care of the advanced freeride courses and camps.

ALPINISM & FREERIDE - Heinrich (Fuzzy) Garhammer

FuzzyGarhammer_1Fuzzy is a legendary skier and one of the freestyle pioneers of the 70´s.  He’s a certified mountain guide & ski teacher and is in charge of our Ski touring trips.