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Go on, admit it, if you are like the great majority of skiers, whether beginners or experts, you will find it difficult to ski in unfavorable piste conditions, through tricky powder snow or over moguls.
The solution to this problem is the so-called “ABS technique”, which, after only a very short period of time, enables you to ski comfortably in any kind of snow. However, this is not a new technique but a largely forgotten method that was already used well before ski lifts were invented. To put it simply, it’s the systematic execution of the most important phases of a turn. This means: you start by turning your upper body in the same direction you wish to move your skis later, then, you bend your legs which move “themselves” following the upper body and, finally, almost automatically your legs get stretched. In German, this is called “Andrehen, Beugen, Strecken” – in short, “ABS”.

In general, inexperienced skiers feel quite inhibited when it comes to turning in difficult terrain. However, with the “ABS technique”, turns are easy and effortless making them feel natural and rhythmic. No more trying to turn awkwardly with your poles. Instead, your turns feel graceful and elegant. Almost dancer-like! The result is a marked improvement and an undreamt-of fun skiing in deep powder snow!

The “ABS technique” is the basis of all our powder snow ski courses. During these courses, you will practice on the piste with experienced coaches and hone your skills further during the subsequent video analyses. After only a few hours of coaching, even inexperienced skiers are able to lay out amazing tracks in deep powder snow.

Treat yourself with an unforgettable skiing holiday.

We are looking forward to introducing you to the thrill of powder skiing!

Ernst Garhammer with the Garhammer Team